About Us

When one door closes another one opens. This saying rings true for me at Savage Punks. My humble beginnings have given way to not only my wildest dreams but also the realization of some new ones. I want to provide clothing and accessories for all attitudes, but my main mission is to make my customers feel valued, heard, and confident.

Savage Punks is my childhood dream. To bring in trending designers and to design exceptional one-of-a-kind pieces that will inspire and feel. I am a workaholic and strive to make SP unique and fantastic because I love it.

My name is Tara Valencia. I live in Maui Hawaii with my husband, three daughters and as well my adult stepson and adult stepdaughter and three granddaughters. We are a huge family of girls. I created Savage Punks to provide individual style for all attitudes so you can feel bold, fearless, and inspired. And.... because I'm totally obsessed with fashion.